Shipping Note: We've been overwhelmed by orders for the Ambush Mark II, so we're out of stock and waiting for more to arrive. If you order now, we're so sorry, but we won't be able to ship your trap & lures until we get our new shipment arrives. You'll still get all the bonuses, but it'll be a few weeks until the trap is shipped. We hope you understand!

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We have found that they are quite effective as we have only had the occasional bite. Before using the trap we were continually spraying ourselves to keep the mozzies at bay.We will continue to use it !

Karen - Bourke, NSW | More testimonials

Ambush Mozzie Traps take the worry out of summer . Easy to use , great customer service & 100% effective . We no longer have swarms of mozzies in the yard thanks to Ambush .

Heather - Bourke, NSW | More testimonials

I was so surprised with how many mozzies and sand flies my trap caught the first night I sent a picture to my friends and family. My kids can finally play outside again.

Lisa - Bourke, NSW | More testimonials