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The Ambush Mosquito Trap will eliminate your mosquito problem at the source, by interrupting the mosquito reproduction cycle.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap uses six proven scientific principles to attract mosquitoes within an area of 1500 square metres.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap has hundreds of satisfied customers across Australia. 

If mosquitoes make your life  living hell every summer, theres a simple, absolutely free way you can stop the mozzie breeding cycle all year round. Read on and I'll explain how you can easily break the mosquitoes breeding cycle and regain control of your backyard.

And that’s just the beginning - if your hometown is full of fertile mosquito breeding grounds, I’ll show you how I solved my problem with one simple device - The Ambush Mosquito Trap.

In 2012, mosquitoes meant my family could barely leave the house after dusk.  Today, my backyard’s mosquito-free all year round. And since then I’ve been able to help thousands of Australians do the same, from Airlie Beach to Warrandyte  and from Randwick to Broome.

And I want even more people to have the same experience I did - freedom from Mosquitoes.

What I like about the Ambush Mosquito Trap is the visible results I can really see.  Each day when I empty the catch container, I can see the hundreds of mosquitoes that it has trapped, which would otherwise be hunting my family and I in our backyard, biting us and maybe spreading disease.

In 2012 my home town, Bourke NSW flooded - some of the largest floods on record.  And for months the Darling River was swollen and there were pools of stagnant water everywhere.

Mosquitoes had always been a problem in the area, but after the floods they became unbearable.   When screen doors were opened, hundreds of mosquitos filled the house.  When dusk came, I had to cover my family in chemicals whenever they were outdoors. Dogs would howl from them, kids were getting bitten constantly and I didn’t want to think about the possibility of diseases spreading.  It was horrible

So pretty quickly I found out all about  how mosquitoes breed and how to get rid of them. And I found out that the solution is simple - control stagnant water and you control mosquitoes.

You see, mosquitoes need stagnant water during every stage of the first three stages of their life cycle. Eggs need to be laid in water, mosquito larvae and pupae both live in the water.  It’s only when a mosquito reaches adulthood that it actually leaves the water.

So if you have a mosquito problem, then “source reduction”  (another name for eliminating mosquito breeding grounds ie bodies of water) will cause mosquitoes to disappear.

  • Clean out eaves, troughs, gutters that can trap water.
  • Pick up drinks containers, plastic pots, buckets and cans.
  • Replace the water in pet dishes at least every week
  • Empty or dispose of kiddie pools
  • Cover outside toilets and anything else you can think of where water can pool.

This simple precaution eliminates the mosquito breeding ground. And if there’s plenty of places to breed, there’s plenty of adult female mozzies, looking for the blood meal they need to lay eggs. Control  the water, you control the mosquitoes.

Back to my story, even though I got rid of all the stagnant water in my yard,  my house was across the road from a pretty big swamp area.. Source reduction wasn’t going to solve my problem.

I decided to go on the offensive but didn’t want to resort to chemicals or spraying. I bought and tried every anti-mosquito device I could get my hands on, from Australia and overseas - none could make a dent in the huge army of mozzies besieging my house.

When I first tried the Ambush Mosquito Trap, the  drop in mosquito numbers was astonishing. Each day there’d be hundreds dead in the catch container instead of terrorising my family after dusk.

I got it out of the box, plugged it in and placed it in my backyard between the house and the water source.  Within 5 days I’d caught enough mozzies to fill an ice cream container.  Within a couple of weeks the breeding cycle was broken and the worst of my mosquito problem was over.

  • I now know that CO2 has been clinically proven to attract mosquitoes such as the common banded mosquito.  This mozzie is the major summer pest of inland riverine areas of southeastern Australia, particularly in the Murray/Darling River basin, and also a carrier of Ross River Virus and Murray River Encephalitis.
  • The Ambush Mosquito Trap also comes with an adjustable CO2 Booster that combines natural ingredients into a CO2 plume which is highly attractive to mosquitoes.  This means that while your trap works 24 hours a day to break the breeding cycle, it can be supercharged for outdoor events like a barbecue, so that mosquitoes cloud around your Ambush Mosquito Trap, and not your guests.
  • The trap is designed to operate 24 hours per day (it uses around 1/4 the power of a light globe).  This means that is effective against mosquitoes like the yellow fever mosquito, common in northern Queensland, which bites mainly from shaded areas in daylight hours, during the two hours after sunrise and prior to sunset.  Yellow fever mosquitoes are one of the species that spreads dengue fever.
  • The trap has a 25W Fan that creates a vacuum around the trap. Since mosquitoes are very weak flyers, the fan becomes an irresistible vacuum that sucks the mosquitoes into the trap.  All the mosquitoes that are attracted to the trap end up captured in the catch container underneath. The benefit here is that each day you can see just how many mosquitoes are being trapped when you empty the trap.
  • The Mark II is effective over an area of 1500 square metres, which means that a single trap can protect your entire backyard from Mosquitoes - no need to crowd around a single protected area.
  • The catch container comes with a replaceable glue board which means you can see exactly how many mosquitoes have been trapped each day
  • If you’ve ever experienced the bite of an Australian sandfly (AKA biting Midge) then you’ll be relieved to hear that the Ambush Mosquito Trap regularly attracts midges - lots of midges.

I think the Ambush Mosquito Trap is revolutionary.  Not only because it uses 6 different attractants for mosquitoes, but if you have a problem with biting midges in your backyard, it attracts and traps those as well.

You can probably tell that the Ambush Mosquito Trap is something I have a passion for. And with good reason - the Ambush has helped my family reclaim our backyard again.

So I just want to encourage you to use what I’ve explained to get the results for yourself.

For many of you, source reduction will be more than enough to get started controlling your mosquito problem - and that’s great. Eliminate water sources and solve your mosquito problem.

For others that, like I did, have a problem that can’t be fixed with source reduction, can I tell you how the Ambush works?

The Ambush Mosquito Trap has one goal - to eradicate mosquitos from your outdoor areas.

Whether you’re in your backyard, a camping ground, or anywhere else where mosquitoes are a pest … the Ambushes 6 separate attractants will attract mosquitoes, draw them into the catch container and dry them out leaving you to enjoy your outdoors without the threat of mosquitoes.